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Anamaki Chronicles is a collection of podcasts, columns and art from Wayne and Alice King. The word Anamaki is derived from an Algonquin word meaning roughly “determined hope”. It is also very close to a similar Persian word surprisingly. Anamaki Chronicles was originally the creation of my late wife Alice Vartanian King, who was an extraordinary woman of Armenian heritage. She believed that keeping my native heritage and spirituality alive and meaningful for both myself and our son Zachary was imperative. Not at the expense of his Armenian heritage but in addition to it. I have chosen to continue its use in her memory.

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Braiding the sweetgrass of Politics, Science, Art, and spirituality. Drawing our circles wider; creating new ground on which to stand together, through radical engagement and active listening.


Author, writer, podcaster, artist, social entrepreneur, recovering pol (Fmr State Senator, 1994 (D) nominee for Governor). Lives in Bath, NH & proudly flies Iroquois, Abenaki & American Flags. All American mutt, embracing Native American heritage.